Table Ware

Shallow plate with very short stand. Ancient Greek probably called it "Pinax", though this name was also applied to the clay plaque. It was probably used as a dish.

It was produced from the beginning of the black-figure to the end of the red-figure.

Figured scene is arranged inside and sometimes a bud pattern is arranged on the rim. The picture is often divided into two by a horizontal line, figured scene is arranged on the upper part, wider than lower part, in which flower pattern is arranged. Cf. Harvard 1959.127 (Perseus Project).

Dimensions: diam. about 20cm

Fish Plate

Plate with a hollow in the center, the rim turns downward and heavy stand. It is thought that this plate was used when fish was eaten and dipped into the sauce in the hollow. Some scholar think that this plate was used as a target in the "Cottabos", the game to throw the lees of wine left in the cup.

The subjects are fish, eel, octopus, squid, ray or dolphin. This plate was made in Athens, though preferred in South Italy and Sicily. Former depicted fish with its belly turns outside, in latter fish turns inside. Cf. Malibu 86.AE.700 (Perseus Project).

Dimensions: diam. about 30cm