Figured Vase

Vase in the form of a human head, woman, black, Herakles, Satyrs or Dionysos. There are Oinochoe type with a spout on top. Cf. Rhode 22.213 (Perseus Project). Aryballos type with small disk-shaped mouth and Kantharos type with a face on either side.

These were generally produced after the invasion of the red-figure and figured scene is sometimes arranged on the neck of Kantharos type. Other types merely have some ornament.

Dimensions: height about 10cm, though some careful work is about 20-30cm.


Body in the shape of a knuckle bone with a hole on one side. The use of this vase is unknown, although the knuckle bones were used as dice. All of them is painted by the red-figure. Cf. London E804 (Perseus Project).

Figured scene is arranged on every side of the vase and some flower ornaments are preferred.

Dimensions: diam. about 20cm


Two disks joined by a column. This shape remind us a bobbin or a yo-yo, though the use of it is unknown.

There is a few example in red-figure and some of them have white ground. Figured scene is arranged on either side.

Dimensions: diam. about 15cm


Egg shaped body with a stand. It was painted by the black- and red-figure, though never be popular.

Simple figured scene is arranged on the body with plain ornaments.

Dimensions: height about 5-10cm



Stand used for many purposes. In the age of the black-figure, it was very simple and consisted of a disk and a conical foot except for the stand of "Dinos", which has a complicated outline.

In the red-figure period, some stands with a moulded figure , such as a Sphinx, were produced.

Dimensions: height about 5-30cm