Cooking Ware

A pan with a lid for baking bread.

Source: Athenaios 130f (Aristophones "Acharnaean85-)


A shallow pan with two handles and a lid.

Source: Athenaios 137f

Dimensions: diam. about 20cm


It is also called as "tegenon" or "peganon". Since it was used for boiling squid, probably used as flyign pan and souse pan.

Source: Aristophanes "Knight" 929


The name originally meant "handle" or "shaft", so probably used for the pan with handle.

Source: Athenaios 169b


The pan for boiling. Athenaios used chytra and Kakkabe almost same way. In Greek archaeology, this name was usually applied for a vase with round body, one or two handles attached to the lip and the shoulder. Cylindrical or barrel shaped oven was used for supporting.

Source: Athenaios 169c

Dimensions: height about 20cm


The pan for boiling. Athenaios used Chytra and Kakkabe almost same way.

Source: Athenaios 169c


Or Patanion. A pan for boiling.

Source: Athenaios 169d


A shallow brazier, probably used for roasting meat. An example from Athenian Agora has supports for spits. Cf. Peris, Louvre P21695 (Amphorae in Lebanon)

Dimensions: about 20cm


A mortar made by clay or stone.

Dimensions: diam. about 20-30cm