The name was derived from the word "Psyko",cool, and it was used as a cooler for wine. Though its name was occasionally used for a drinking cup, other writers mentioned it as large vessels and the name suits for this shape, which is depicted on some vases as cooler, modern scholars apply this word.

Most general shape has a round body and a long stand. It was filled with snow or cold water and set to a krater full of wine and some painters depicted it in a banquet scene. This shape had appeared since the third quarter of sixth century, though there is few example painted by the black figure. There are not so many example of red figure too, and it was disappeared in the second quarter of fifth century. A picture is given as a long frieze on the upper part of the body. Cf. Boston 01.8019 (Perseus Project).

There are some example which has a appearance like a belly amphora with double walls in which the cooling liquid could be introduced into the outer compartment. This shape is very unusual and confined to the sixth century. A paneled picture is given on either side of the body. There is a few example of psykter-neck amphora and psykter-krater. Cf. Boston 00.331 (Perseus Project).

Dimensions: Height about 30-40cm