What are painted on the Greek vases ?
Greek vases produced after the orientalizing period have figured scenes of everyday life of ancient Greek, such as sports, banquets, weddings and funerals, and mythological scenes, which is maybe most interesting for us and ancient vase-painters.
  On this vase, one of the labour of Herakles is painted. He brings Kerberos, two-headed house dog of Hades from underworld. Hermes leads them and Athena observes.
  The subject of this vase is the departure of a youth, who bid farewell to his father. His sisters or maids bring armours, a mirror and wooden boxes. This scene is a good examples to know the life of ancient Greek.
So, the Greek vase-painting is interesting not only for the collectors or visitors of the museum, but also for the student of Greek culture and mythology.