2 - 1 - 7 Dorian Wild Goat Style

From Dorian area, especially at Rhodes, many wild goat style pottery was found [1]. Although most of them are import, some local pottery was found from Kalymnos and Kos [2].

The Nisyros Group is the most important among them. They produced many plates and some oinochoai and kraters. The plate is generally divided by a horizontal band with cable or zig-zag pattern. An animal is often decorated within the upper area, which is wider than lower area in which tongue pattern, palmettes or volutes are decorated.The common animal figures are sphinxes and hounds and occasionally lions, goats, horses, hares and Cimaerae A few examples have mythological figures, such as the battle between Menelaos and Hektor, Gorgons and Perseus.

The style recalls South Ionian Middle wild goat style II, though spiral patterns often used as filling ornaments are probably taken from North Ionian style.

These vases are dated to the first quarter of the sixth century. Although these examples are found from Thera, Thasos, Ephesos, Naukratis and even from Selius, Sicily, most of them are from Rhodes and Nisyros. It is almost certain these were made by Rhodian workshops and copied by Thasian and Cycradic workshops.

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