2 - 1 - 10 Thasian Wild Goat Style

@From Thasos and Delos a group of wild goat style pottery probably made by a single workshop is found [1]. The vases can be classified into three groups; plates with animals, such as goats and deers within concentric circles, plates with animals within large picture as Dorian plates and pointed aryballoi. These were probably made at Thoasos around c.600.

There are some vases copied Chian style. Although the common shape is chalice, they also produced oinochoai, plates, lakenides and kraters. White slip is sometimes omitted. Decoration is rougher than Chian and patterns fill much space of the background. There are also vases similar to Chian black figure and grand style.

[1] For Thasian pottery, see, Ghali-Kahil, L., Etudes Thasiennes 7, (1966), Lemos, A. A., Archaic pottery of Chios: the decorated styles, (1991).