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23 November 2003, List of ancient Greek literary sources, linked with original texts and the English translation.

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12 November 2002, Flash amimation "The techniques of Greek Bronzes".

1 November 2002, Flash amimation "Greek vase construction, 3. Thowing process".

15 October 2002, Layout of some pages are rearranged

22 March 2002, Development of Greek Pottery

11 March 2002, Development of Greek Pottery

5 August 2001, Macromedia flash amimation "Greek vase construction, 2. Structure of wheel". "Essays on Greek art and archaeology" in flash movie.

9 April 2001, Macromedia flash amimation "Greek vase construction, 1.clay preparation".
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23 January 2001 Updated: introduction to Greek iconography, 3D images of Greek vases and some information about coarse ware.

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20 August 2000 Geometric to early Archaic period is updated in "Development of Greek Sculpture".

25 July 2000 Dingbat fonts of Greek ornaments is updated. "Development of Greek Sculpture" is opened. Development of Bronze age is updated.

22 Jan 2000 Updated "How to construct the Greek Temples"

22 Jan 2000 "Greek Coin" page is opened with its development, the way to mint and its standard.

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